We build software for make your business better, with many application such as: Drone delivery, Swarm Drone, Security, Long Range survey, ...

Our Solutions

4G Real Time Access Control

Provide an unlimited range control system with companion computer

  • HD Live streaming video
  • UDP & TCP Telemetry
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • Realtime 3D Map Drone Tracking
  • Share Live Stream Video & Telemetry
  • VPN
  • BVLOS Remote Drone Operations
  • Easy Setup

Build your Ground Control Software

  • To make your business more affective, we build your Ground Control Station Software (base on QGroundControl, MissionPlanner) run on many platforms: Windows OS, Linux OS, Android OS
  • Quickly and Affordable

Platform for Delivery

  • Drone Management (Multiple vehilces, multiple GCSs)
  • Web/Mobile App tracking for customer
  • Real-time Access & Control
  • Unlimited Range 4G/5G
  • Precise Landing
  • BVLOS Remote Drone Operations
4G Drone Station

Realtime Control and View Video Streaming from the Drone with 4G Connectivity

  • All of MissionPlanner/QGroundControl features
  • Low latency video streaming
  • BVLOS remote drone operation
  • Real-time secure access to remote drone control
  • Reliable, No port forwarding required, No NAT traversal required
Multiple vehicles drones

Controlling Multiple Drones from Single Remote Controller

Having this feature allows one pilot to control multiple vehicles in realtime while using just single remote controller (MisisonPlanner or Qgroundcontrol)

Realtime telemetry data API

  • Enabling developers to build cross-platform apps that require realtime telemetry data from drone.
  • Provide data: GPS, Temperature, Ground Speed, Battery, Attitude, ...
  • Support languages: JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, ActionScript, Windows Phone, Node.JS, Python, ...
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Realtime Telemetry Tracking
Wowza Media Server Drone

Media Server: Live streaming Video to your Web/Desktop/Mobile application

  • Deployed on your own server
  • Support protocols: Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH, RTSP/RTP, Adobe RTMP, ...
  • Support video playback: SmartTV, Android device, XBox Live, Apple TV, IPTV, ...
  • Video On Demand
  • Live streaming to Facebook, Youtube
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BVLOS 3D Map Realtime Tracking

  • It’s make your Drone Legal and Satety and Opportunity for access the drone industry. The pilot don’t need to keep an eye on the drone at all times. More economics and efficiency of commercial flight.
  • Realtime tracking the flight with a Google Earth 3D pro, allow to view exactly GPS parameters, height (of waypints) relative to ground
Drone 3D Map
Share telemetry streaming drone

Sharing Video Streaming and Telemetry Data with Your Partners/Customers

Securely share remote drone operations data and video streaming to partner/operator/supervisor...

Safety, Reliability, Privacy and Security

  • By subscribing to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can build your own server and protect your device’s internet connection and keep hackers from getting in
  • XBServer provides real-time access to control, telemetry and video/payload data from your drone fleet, over a reliable connection
Security Reliable VPN Drone


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